Wednesday, February 20, 2013

HOW I became a SAHM

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Readers of this blog will know I used to be flying with Singapore Airlines and left as a Leading Stewardess, Yea the one in green uniform (aka as Ninja turtles), u can see how HOT I used to look!!!
I look silly with The ST right ?
actually it was my 2nd last flt and it states 120708!!

You see not all mummies decides that being jobless was the way to go, for my case in my previous company -  
I was just forced to be jobless. 

Yes, basically no choice but to leave without a job, no option of being grounded because my previous company do not think its feasible to keep staff that are pregnant. Odd? But it is a living fact! still is.... sadly.

The next 1 year was a disaster, mainly because for a person who started flying at 18 years young, Singapore seems aloof. The streets of London, New York, Sydney were more home then HOME here. It was then at 30 years young, SAHM based in Singapore, I finally started to see policies made in Singapore to be not family oriented. Being exposed to what was out there for the last 11 years, family policies pale in comparison here. I remembered vividly that one fine day, I actually keyed in my computer "Companies that are allow women to work from home" "companies that are pro-children" and many more. Ermmm of course in Singapore, you cannot find any.

It was pretty frustrating that an able person at her prime cannot find anything to do except to be a pregnant mother. That is how the blog came about too, since I could not find any job to do but have a lot of things to say or tell.  I remember how the mummies in the forum who was ask to leave because of their pregnancy. You see, in retrospect being pregnant is not a liability.   We are all as smart as we can be, darn capable I may say.

So, society made me a SAHM...

When the baby was born, it was a real fun... except as SAHM we do not get any 'ME' time, financial means, help. The housework has naturally bestowed upon us- coz we don't work! Odd, sadly true yet again.  I needed to breath and options of getting a help seem not the right option. I mean, yes I need time out but I don't need to mother another person in my life and costings was way too high. It was at this point, I grieve for motherhood here in Singapore. I read alot and skimmed through many forums, and it seems that the government has no regard to people who chose not to work. ermm...

I have few options it seems.

1. Not work
2. Work part time but who takes care of the baby? there was no option of childcare benefits for part time work. Like isnt part time work, work still?
3. Go back into the workforce - 11 years experienced with a degree

I had to work my way out of the Singapore System. The system that thinks working 9-5pm must be the way to go to be successful. But then again what is success in Singapore?

My definition of success is that the person is very well balance in her life. I strive to find that something that allows me to see my children daily, have personal time with my husband and yet have finanicial independence.

NOW? I run my own business - Enriching Women's Lives... amazing isn't it? I became a Flexi SAHM.

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