Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Mummy Flo's work... The last 2 flights

Milan + Moscow/Houston

Mummy Flo thinks that BB loves her because she didn't get any morning sickness AT ALL!! All my aunties, mum and sis had serious serious morning sickness that cause them to puke till about the last trimester (it runs in the family) and yes I was spared...

I continued to work and actually enjoyed it. I got to do the 2 stations that I have not been - Milan and Moscow/Houston.....

But I flew under the supervision and advice from my gynae; who was very supportive of me working instead of staying at home.

Every mother-to-be will suffer some form of anxiety from the pregnancy, its usually comes in a form of fear. Me, of course had this jittery feeling of the unexpected... The a lot of "WHAT IFsss". I remembered dropping by to my gynae and demanded the letter but Dr Han gave me such a good prep talk about expectations, what is to come, what I should do, statistics on sucessful birth rates and many more.... There I was when I left his room, gained a new found confidence in my future motherhood!! I never had that fear or negative thoughts again. .

I was a HAPPY MUMMY to be... and it shows.. Honestly!
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