Friday, May 30, 2014

New site but doesnt link up

Hey all, so sorry for this. I was running my checks and realized that my post do not reflect here anymore cos I left blogger to go on wordpress. U can visit me at for our family updates. I will try to sort this out!! *noob *noob *noob

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Big Renovation

The time has come when I have nothing to write about....

I thought very hard and wondered if I do need to have another child to have stuffs to write about? I have reached a stage where I am no longer comfortable to blog about my children and their whereabouts. The security issue plays high on my mind and the mother's instinct closes up to protect them. I do have the urge to write but they are all random thoughts and wonder to myself if thats' blog worthy. So it brings me back to why I have a blog, I should effing not care what others think.  So I get ping ponged around my thoughts if this blog should continue, then I toyed with monetizing it which at the end made me more confused. Just because some companies ask for too much and me being a newbie, I don't really know how to nego well enough. I enjoyed reviewing but I detest the other technicalities of it. But of course I grew wiser and now command more say in what I want to review.

In recent months, the writer's block has intensified and the urge of writing dipped. Thank God for the community of bloggers that I have in my facebook that kept my interest of blogging alive. So the time has come to reconfiqure my thoughts and the directions of the blog.

This blog started when one normal mummy who got bored at home and she was searching for that voice. We started off as, ya very typical right hahahaah! My whole journey, my rants, my thoughts made up of the 1st 3 years of the blog. I know NOTHING about blogging but took it up coz well, it was fun. The mummies read each other blog and we left comments to motivate each other. During that time, I made so many friends from my readers! They left me emails, comments.. we felt we knew each other. Well, needless to say they have all become part of my social capital and buddies now.

Slowly the montetizing came because I had readers, not famous but good enough numbers. I get PR companies emailing me, inviting me to events - All these without me marketing my blog.  People knew me... literally.  I have gone to events and people recognize my girl, came up and warmed like we were old buddies. They knew where I hangout, what I did last weekend, they invaded into my inner thoughts. It got kinda scary. My protective shell started to ascend and my posts stopped sharing about my children. The 2nd part of my blogging journey had snippets of my parenting styles and lesser on my children. I changed my blog name to a domain website

I struggle now to link my posts together because it is been around for 5 years. I have 700 over entries and powerful information enough to launch a book. I have post that went on The Singapore Daily (that was fun) and many few that are high on search engine in Google. It's now that I realized that I need to categorize my posts, sub categorize it for easy navigation! So that is going to happen the next 1 month, a migration from Blogger to Wordpress and to save all my posts in a folder for they all mean so much to me.

I researched and my tops posts are

1. Sharing on how to look after children ailments (teething, rosela)
2. Tips on co-sleeping, breastfeeding, potty training
3. Handling 2 children of different styles - Dr Sears Vs Gina Ford series
4. My parenting style (No Caning, Our routines, Growing up to be ladies)

My Personal Styles
1. My Hair Styles hahhaha (amazing how my hair gets top reads)
2. FloLookBook (My makeup looks)
3. How I lose weight (Seems like a No 1 mummy issue)

1. Birthday Celebrations.
2. Goodie Bags

1. Children events
2. What I reccomend

I did my polls and seems that my styling tips for mummy is top on the list! They requested that it will be a regular feature in my blog. Women, beauty and tai tai lifestyle tips cannot go wrong here. Looks like the identity of my blog is actually very clear, just that I never bother finding out. *hangs head in shame

Categories : Yummy Mummy Lifestyle, Events for children, Parenting Tips,

While I renovate, if you on my FB and have products/ events that should interest my readers. If you have business that fit into my new categories, drop me a FB or email me at I will be clear I don't write for free but love to write for goodies :)

Things I believe will interest

1. Places for lunch/tea/dinner for yummy mummies gatherings. We get stuck organizing ALWAYS.  (Can be chichi or those suitable to bring children)
2. Exercises. Gym classes. Yoga, Pilates.  Mummies need to find energy to look good
3. I need hair sponsor for sure, did you read that my hair posts rank highest?
4. Can dress me up? I write for your shop, blogshop or online shop.
5. Beautiful nails
6. Healthy foods and please make sure its edible
7. Natural remedies that help my children
8. Services that will benefit mummies
9. Places that my children can go, crafting or to burn that energy

I'm sure there are loads more. Let's disuss

Monday, March 24, 2014

Pilates Fitness Cardio Jumpboard Class

I think by now you realized I seriously love this Pilates Fitness and would glad to make a trip to try their new classes. I'm sort of dying for them to open in the East coz their 2 outlets are seriously not in my route to anywhere at any day :( I tried Pilates in the gym - both Pilates Mat and Pilates Fitness but it really doesn't give the same effect as the being on the reformer. I like the reformer for a very basic reason, coz I'm lying down hahah so lazy right. But you will be surprised the effect it does onto your body. I did 1 month with them at the 1st outlet and lost inches at my hips and thunder thighs which takes the longest time to tone! I get friends telling me how different my legs look like now.

2 weeks ago,  I was invited to try their Cardio Jumpboard Pilates. Wa sey is happening one okie! It was 1 hour of non-stop "jumping" on the reformer board. Totally so suitable for people like me who cannot co-ordinate my limbs in those cardio classes like Body Combat or Bollywood dance!

First, let me show you the exact location of their new outlet at Serangoon Gardens. It's nearer to Gardens' popular Pow Sing Chicken Rice store, so park/walk towards that side. Find Macdonald and park on that stretch, parking coupon is required.  Pilates Fitness is on the upper floor of the shop house no 85A.

This Serangoon Gardens outlet is their latest outlet and is definitely conveniently located as compared to the Telok Blangah outlet. I was there early to sniff around a little, the classes were all full! 

Totally love the new Reformers! Purple!!
So what's the difference between Pilates Reformer class vs Cadio Jumpboard Pilates?

You can read my Reformer review here. Now Reformer class focus a lot on your body posture, I have bad posture when exercising which I found out only after attending Pilates. I have since ensure I do not at any time hunch my back and put my weight on my chest. Do you have chest pains? If so start with your posture and this helps heaps.  The class focus alot on strength, control and predominately working the core muscles. Class pace is relative manageable and Pilates is about breathing properly. Yes, you will ache a lot after the 1st few classes but they are good aches. I stood taller during that time I was doing it. 

Cardio Jumpboard however is an effective and fast weight loss routine that sculpts and tones the body. The pace of the class was fast and totally totally fun! It is intense and fast paced, which means more calories are lost since it helps u increase metabolism right? I had a power sweat out without feeling like my legs cannot carry me anymore or that my head was spinning trying to balance after a gym cardio workout. 

You can see from the photo that there is a jumpboard and the workout focus a lot on using that. Of course you will notice that the class is small which means you get the attention you need with each class. 

The many varieties on how we use the Jumpboard.
I though this was really apt on what I felt during and after the class. The fact it was so fast paced, challenging, 1 hour really flew by and its like you feel so recharged after! I did not at all feel clumsy as my 1st reformer class but of course it is because I got used to the pulleys, springs and gadgets of the reformer. Try it, seriously it's really fun! If you are on the route for these 2 outlets, envious much.

They have a promotion going on and you should check it out
For this post, Pilates Fitness would like to give away 1 Reformer Pilates Trial (30 mins introduction + 55 min Weight Loss or Body Aches Reformer Pilates) to readers who quote "FloMummy" when booking a class. *Valid till 30th April 2014 for all first-timers at Pilates Fitness only.

Serangoon Garden Outlet
Studio Mobile: +65 8322 9552
Studio Address: 85A, Serangoon Garden Way, Singapore 555981

Telok Blangah Outlet
Studio Mobile: +65 9184 7622
Studio Address: 434,Telok Blangah Road, Singapore 098854

Business Registration Number: 201022985Z

Friend Us @ 

*Disclaimer: I was invited to attend 2 classes for this post but I attended 1 class but was very much convinced by the benefits of it. No monetary compensation was given and all opinions are mine. 

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Asian Digital Mum Report 2014

I was invited by The Tickled Media's (runs, The Asian Parent, Kidlander) presentation of The Asian Digital Mum Report 2014.

Now what is it u ask, its plainly put by me as Consumer Behaviour. This interest me alot as a blogger and an entrepreneur mainly because my target market are mummies. I love being a mum, the day I became a mum, I grew up - Instantaneous. Grew up not only coz my VJJ squeezed out a 3.5 kg but emotionally I discovered that I have so much love and that I can love something other than myself so EXTREME. Topics pertaining parenthood interest me and I "hang" around forums like it was MY LIFE. My forum mummies are my buddies and those who experience the same drama of 1st stages of motherhood like me became immediate BFFs! Those bitches in school that I didn't talk coz they talk behind my back, well they became my tea buddies.  Doesn't help that I was suddenly great friends with my husband's old buddies wives, or that his cousins and I have a common topic. There was just a common denomintion and it was because we became MOTHERS. Right on people?

When I had my 1st born, there was no day or night. Google was my dear friend  *opps I will rephrase it  STILL is my bestie. I don't remember talking much to humans, I texted more. Facebook was my way of chatting with forum friends- with those I decided to be friends with. Whatsapp group chat rocked and is still RAWKING (although I'm more incline to LINE for their cute cartoons, album creation) With the social apps, I felt that I was still connected to the world while staying at home looking after the baby. During that 1 year,  I bought so MANY THINGS that I don't need. Just because the mummies around me was stirring shit (my husband's term, mainly coz he paid for the purchases) and I joined endless BP (Bulk Purchases) just because when 20 people buys and its cheaper by 15% or whatever I was suckered into.

All these experience somehow formed me into this era of DIGITAL MUM. Yes, I was one of those people this particular report is talking about. Just to share of the photos of the event before I blog on the report on what was interesting. (Photo Credits: Tickled Media)

Find me! (Obviously playing with my smartphone)
 I do what a blogger would do, post in Instagram and share on FB!
Yep, my social media savvy mummies saw the mistake! They were more upset than me hahah!
I need to sit better, omg
The panel of speakers: Meri Rosich,Holly Lam,Mantazh Khanna,Meiling Wong and Simon Kahn
{Based on The Asian Digital Mum Report}

I will share what this report on: Based on 10,000 mummies surveyed in SEA (2729 Singapore, 668 Malaysia, 2456 Indonesia, 4586 Thailand), it is noted that The Asian Digital Mum is the primary household decision maker aka the Chief Household Officer! A whopping 89% of purchases are of her influence, well apparently mummies do make use of what we see online as we slowly but surely decrease our usage of television . 99% of us use Smart phone to go into parenting sites, check emails and be on social media. Then I wonder WTH the last 1% do? I do agree that mummies make decisions based on the word of mouth reccomendations! Yes, that powerful.

Source: The Asian Parent
Source: The Asian Parent

Its amazing to know the statistics,  with 91% of Asian mums reading parenting tips when using the Internet, it is clear that motherhood changes a woman's priorities when she is surfing the web. The most read topic online amongst mums in Singapore is parenting tips at 89%, with the second most popular being family activities at 72%

Source: The Asian Parent
I though this info was really great as a blogger. For at least I can have clear targeted topics to write about.  I too discovered that I am in this group of digital mummies called Power Internet Mums for we use internet more than 80 hours a week. I admit, I touch my smartphone abit too much. Well, not all days I'm shopping or chatting but I like to research things. Research means seeking advices and 74% of Asian mums turn to the internet for help instead of consulting friends or families *guilty much

It's crazy to note that Android reign as the preferred platform at 51% vs *ahem IOS (sorry no longer my 1st love for smart phone) Those still using the smaller screen, please do something.. my blog says so. Hehe. 

Now, what social platforms are preferred?

Quite obvious isn't it?
Source: The Asian Parent
There are whole lot of information in the research but it will be seriously pretty wrong for me to share the whole report. I will be keen to share with you if you are keen ;) But I'm noting a trend in G+ and see you there more often from now on! I'm a Power Internet Mom who read trends very well too. 

I love one statement in the report's conclusion which i'm quoting:
"Mums are impatient -- when they want information, they want it immediately. From status updates to Instagram posts, she is eagar to share her thoughts, worries, interests and proudm joyful moments as they come. The trick is to keep up with her, or get one step ahead" 

Absolutely well said!

You can read here for my post on blogging mummies.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Diary Post #2

Thank God for husbands or rather my husband. He came back from his football, came to my side of the bed and gave me a big bear hug. His reason coz I looked so sad. Love de right? We had our night conversations and updated each other of our crappy day/week/month. Looks like he is having a rough ride too and it didn't help I was away on a Taiwan trip with my girlfiends druting his down time. So we spent the night catching up and sharing the "oh not so fun march" which sort of lighten my heart real much coz I woke up with a lighter heart. Thank God for children.. I'm serious. To see them and spend time is God's grace, on days like this is gratifiying to soak up their love. Days that darkness loom and blinds that heart.

I am slightly better though my direction in life is bleak. My purpose seems unsure but it is a life cycle that I have to go through. I am eating the $2 nasi lemak in the banana leaf type if you are curious, simple food bring pleasure in a significant way.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Diary Post #1

I have been wondering what my blog should steer towards. I know this blog is under a parenting blog but somehow I need to find my identity on what's content should be. Hmm.. have yet found my identity yet, or rather I may have already have an indentity but it got lost along the way. So before I find it back again, I decided to write a diary to keep it going.

It has been an emotional ride last 1 yr and it is still roller-ing. Basically just my emotions... its crappy you know. With everything that is going on, I thank God that its no biggie and its only ME that is taking the punch and no one else. I know this is my life journey that this are all tests to get me out of my comfort zone to be even better. But before I reach there, it is just so zzzz. Today is one of those.. just want to nuah. Didn't want to wake up, didn't want to eat luch, didn't want to leave the room, didn't want to shower. Oh my, we have all been there issn't it!!!! Food just looks blah, water is not appetising.  The reason I am writing is coz I finally showered and decided that while I wallow in self pity, that blogging it, may be therapeutic.

So i will just blog until this feelings ends and I do like this short snippets of my life being blogged down. Who knows this may eventually become a book to inspire lost souls like me. Yawns while I go back on my bed and hibernate.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Traders Hotel Johor

We took the opportunity of the long weekend to be away, it was initally a trip to the Hong Kong Disneyland but Daddy wasn't keen to bring BB K to HK. Then we sort of decided to Gold Coast but made a decision to postponed it till later. Eventually, V got slighty irritated with our constant change of plans *opps and we relented to going to Legoland. I have read rave reviews of it but there was a "hoax" of kidnappers that sort of steered us away actually but of course eventually made that decision to go- Just because it was just a stone's throw away! 

I did a little reseacrch and decided on the Traders since we were to be there for 5 days. We needed some where price friendly (I am comparing with Legoland Hotel during CNY), and no fuss when it comes to food. I settled on Traders Club Floor coz we decided on NOT going anywhere but just rot in the hotel. For Club lounge caters breakfast and snacks during Happy Hour... okie you got me there, it was the HH that I was interested. I mean Free flow of alcohol while the children are occupied. The formula is quite right, right? 

The area we hung around most evenings
Comes with that cartoon channel for baby sitting while we chill
There is 3 of such wide space areas 
The set up for breakfast and those who prefer this coffee house set up. *Do note they do not provide baby chair. 
We spent our mornings and evening here with the exception of our day to LegoLand. The service was exemplary which was worth that extra price. Here are the spread they offer ...

Breakfast spread with made to order eggs from the kitchen 
Hor d'oeuvres spread with 1/2 bar

Attached on the roof top is the hotel swimming pool, it an infinity pool overlooks the Marina (nothing much seriously) But I must add that the waters are COLD! Omg, we tried going there in the morning and once in the evening.. it was Burr cold. The children didn't do very well inside especially the baby. 

Here is a view of our Club Floor room, seriously don't think there is much of a difference though Mr Bellboy told us that Club Floor rooms are bigger. Room is comfy as you can see in the photo and the children had a day bed to play around in. The King sized bed is slighly on the high side for the baby and so its better to create a play area around the day bed. There are cartoons for the children and Channel News Asia/HBO for the adults. 

The room set up

There isn't a bath tub so bring your blow up ones if baby are younger in age. The girls totally enjoyed the "Rain Shower", it became their highlight of the trip since the pool was too cold. I must add that the bathroom floor is on the slippery side so better be in the bathroom with them when they are having their rain shower water play. 

Traders offer a free shuttle to Legoland but you will have to book your seat with front desk. We didn't use the shuttle mainly coz it was full! But we did ask the staff at the Club Lounge who recommended us to drive and park at Legoland for 7 Ringgit. I would recco to drive/park since you won't want to miss the highlight of the fireworks which are later in the night and the last shuttle I was told leave at 7pm.

We enjoyed the stay alot and will use them again for a staycation for their location, security and booze/food. We had a hiccup and my green chilli didn't come with my horfun despite calling 3 times. But it was CNY and we understand they were running on a full load. Room service food was a bit blah but I will reccomend a cafe by the Marina that serves yummy local food if you don't mind walking a little. Don't bother eating at that Lat's place, save your calories for other restaurants. 

*Disclaimer: Daddy paid for the trip but he says will gladly accept sponsership for review for hotels. 

Monday, February 24, 2014

Everton Jerseys

That day, Daddy decided to get himself some jerseys and somehow I think he clicked the kids sections! Dang Dang Dang, he had to buy 1 set for the kiddos. I must say kids jerseys are really expensive or rather too expensive. Then again there is no reason for "sales" for kids since all fathers will definitely get a set for them and this is money making profits isn't it. 

While Baby Kate is gladly wearing them, I won't say the same for V as she claims its too boy-ish for her. Well, 5 year old has their own opinions of clothings right? 

I didn't get any if you were wondering

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Mary Kay Singapore

I am looking for individuals who are keen to be a business owner, if you are keen in the women's business, love love to be around positive people, have a heart that great things will happen to those who wants it bad, knows that every women deserves more? 

I am looking for you. Call me at 97300325

Some fun unit trainings we have :

"We learnt the secret trade tricks of the professionals on how to correct droopy eyes, uneven eyes, create dolly eyes, fuller lips, straighten crooked nose, shape eye brows according to our face shape, contouring at the correct positions to slim the face!! Wow amazing amazing, our skills has gone 1 notch up!! We gotta love Mary Kay for providing this training from celebrity makeup trainer Susan Law!! Shhhh... not every one got this training, only us coz we were TOP in Mary Kay Singapore & Malaysia for completing the challenge!! Book us for your corrective makeup workshop! Did I just mentioned they are trade secrets?? I love my Mary Kay!!" 

Have to love my offspring directors Vanitha and Bernadette, 2 ladies who inspire me so much!! We are working hard with loads of fun and enthusiasm to create Mary Kay Singapore's 1st National Area! Will love if YOU have it to join us!!!

Call me at 97300325

My new hairdo - Colour

         Got my hair fix last week and got requested for a review by my FB friends and so here it is.

{This is not a sponsored post, I paid}

I have been pondering how how to fix my hair for it was driving me insane with the fact that its just a blah... no volume, just poor messy coz I'm trying to grow it out. Though of curling the korean way like this, so sweet right? Then I thought sweet is not I am looking for this season.  So I search around for colours instead.

Wanted something ash colour for its a cool tone and will suit me much

Though hard and its like shoulder hair length needs more pop than that right? Okie I mean in my opinion la. So googled more and love love love this!
But I swear this is too over right wahahah. Spoke to my stylist and she search around for some colours but it seems meh. So after everything, I scrap all my ideas and went straighten just to tame my natural curls. My curls are only manageable when longer so its back to straight and blah hair. Eventually my mood got stagnant, like all my creative juices were blocked. I look into my wardrobe and didn't get inspired to mix and match them.  Bought new clothes and it just didn't happen, then I knew the hair patrol needs to intervene. LOL

Googled and got Salon Vim high on the bloggers list and read alot to fiqure that this is worth a try. It's at 313 which is just opposite my office, makes it so darn convenient to just run in between my makeup/skinacare classes. I got stylist Lilian and she suggested to bleach half my hair. Ya like omg.. I was just think of streaks but nevermind went again with her suggestion. So it was a 3 hours or so ordeal, came with a $400 price tag. Does price and service tally? Nope in my opinion, I had the same cup of green tea for 3 hours. Nobody bothered to top it up or at least check. My last hair treatment at Century Sq at $235 got me nice hot drinks top ups, its not the drink that mattered, Is just about asking.   The magazines that was placed on my table was not my preference and I didn't touch it for 2 hours and well, nobody bothered about it. The last time I paid $400 for my hair, I was a Queen.

But I must say I managed to do their popular Prive treatment and it rocked man! My hair felt fuller coz its a moisture treatment, will recco that if you have the budget. I didn't do any cut for I was waiting for my hairstylist to be back from UK, would still prefer her. Stylist Lilian and assistant stylist was awesome with no hard selling, I went in knowing that it will not be cheap. Lilian calculated everything with me during my consultantion and we did have a long consult for the colours we should use.

 I may give this place 1 more try for touchup .

{But I must comment that the receptionist are just pure cmi. Its like you have nice hair and nice service, then when its time to paid... you feel like how did I ever bother coming in here? Paying $400 is alot of money to get that crap attitude. Anyways, they need to fiqure out that training aspect coz having skills and good product is not everything now. I basically left with a NIL feel good factor, which I think is sad. I had to quote one of our mummy blogger name to get a 10%, (she made it like I don't deserve it , like wth?) Then I gave her MOTHERKAO and she was going on like "mummther, mommth, m... oh there is no such name" you got it wrong. So I quoted blogger name , and she was like no such person. For crying out loud, mother is M.O.T.H.E.R, (okie u can tell I am not pleased). Her face throughout that 5 torturing minutes was just zzzz. To think I had to dig out my gf's post and prove to her, then her face finally changed and gave me that 10%. On top of that I HAD TO PAY HER that $360+ , buay siong. Oh may I add, no please, no thank you, no im sorry. NOTHING. It was like I was in a coffeeshop talking to someone on my next table. Then finally, at the end she gave me back my Credit card and pass back to me with a low decibel Thank you, with her eyes ON MY CARD. I was just looking at her waiting for that eye contact. NOTHING. If this post ever goes back to the Salon, I just hope they do a proper training.}    

Here is some photos of the hair colour. I did ASH whole head (I believe it was 6.1 colour) and added Purple onto my bleached hair (3/4 of my whole head). It looked blueish for the 1st 3 days and eventually faded to the ideal colour(which I know will continue to fade more). The whole head ASH colour faded and became really pretty.  The day 3 and day 4 photos are just wash and casually blow thats why its pretty messy. But you can still see its hair glow, please pardon my hair... I have natural curls that are soon to be back!

I totally love love love my new hair, V says I look like Twighlight and Rarity. I don't know what she was talking about and googled to find these . wahahah.. I certainly do right!

I totally feel lighter and awesome with my new do, oh did I mention I had to buy colour shampoo, colour conditioner, new hair mask, new hair brush just to maintain my new tresses. New meaning in life for the next few months!!